Monday, May 4, 2009

Words Equal Power

I learned a new word at the LDStorymakers conference in April. Snarky. I hadn’t heard of it before, but now I find the occasion to refer it several times a day/week.

Snarky—meaning unkind, snide, mean, or spiteful. Sometimes snarky can be the result of being overly honest without regard for another’s feelings.

As writers we have a responsibility to not be snarky. Being used to our freedom of speech, sometimes we believe we can say whatever comes to mind, especially if it’s the truth. The problem with this kind of truth, however, is that it changes.

Our opinions often come and go like a spring breeze—we can only hope that they (our spoken or written opinions) don’t leave mass destruction like a tornado.

So, yes, I guess this is sounding somewhat like a lecture, but perhaps it’s a lecture to myself. I’d never thought of it much before—the weight our words carry. Words are powerful things. We can use them for good . . . or not.

Another problem with being snarky is that when we snark on others, we’re bound ourselves to be snarked upon—and that hurts! Ouch.

The words we use are like our brand name—what do we want them to say about us?

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