Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reading Books

Summer is a great time for "chillin" and reading books. Actually, for me any time of year is a good time for reading a book. This summer, I've re-read Joyce DiPastena's book, "Loyalty's Web." It's a historical novel set in medieval days, and dispite the unfriendly term "medieval" it is a very entertaining and compelling read.

I've also read, "The Hourglass Door," by Lisa Mangum. It is a contemporary fantasy/sci-fi, and is also a great read. It's about a high school senior who finds herself falling in love with who she thinks is a foreign exchange student. He's not.

I am currently reading, "A Door in the Woods," a fantasy by James Dashner. I met him at the LDStorymakers Conference this year when I bought his book and asked him to sign it for me. He has several novels out, and as he signed this one, he apologised to me in advance of my reading it as this apparently was his first effort. So far I don't understand the apology because it has been engaging from the very first page. The main character is 14, however his story isn't full of short, clipped sentences geared for young readers which I find refreshing (especially since I'm long past 14).

The next book on my list to read is Joyce DiPastena's newly published sequel "Illuminations of the Heart," that I will purchase at a writers retreat that I'm attending this weekend. I read the first chapter on Joyce's website and it proves to be as good as her first.

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