Monday, November 16, 2009

Cars, Trucks, and Things That Go.

My husband belongs to the Vehicle-of-the-Month club. I’m not sure why, he doesn’t get any payback. In my opinion, people who belong to this exclusive club should get frequent buyer discounts. He doesn’t.

He’s had eight cars this past year—oh, the year’s not over yet either. First he had a driftwood-colored truck. That didn’t get good enough gas mileage, so he traded it for a full-sized red diesel truck. Then the price of diesel went way up.

The diesel truck was sold, then, for a Nissan truck. But it wasn’t a good fit. Next was a full-sized Chevy truck. It was only a single cab.

There was a really great price on a SUV, so he traded for that—it had a leaky door, and it was gone the day after he took it to the car wash and got a bath at the same time.

A custom van with a bench that alternately served as a bed was his next choice. It was a retro feeling driving that around—either that or a futuristic, winter visitor-type of feeling. I never got to take it camping.

A ¾ ton silver Chevy truck was always thirsty. It didn’t get more than 11 miles-per-gallon. He bought a Chevy Aveo next. It got great gas mileage, but of course it was small. My husband likes full-sized man trucks, so, within the month he traded the little Chevy for a quad-cab Dodge Dakota. He’s had it four days now—he informs me that his goal is to keep it for three years. We’ll see.

This hobby is more expensive than a stamp collection for sure, but I’m just grateful that he doesn’t belong to the Wife-of-the-Month club!

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