Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s All About Family

I’ve been a bit out of commission lately—but it’s all good. My niece’s daughter got married and all of my seven kids gathered to help her celebrate. It was a great time. We also celebrated my oldest son’s birthday by going out to dinner and by having a nice family dinner at my daughter’s house the next day.

This is the bride and groom with the bride's maids.

This is a picture of my birthday boy.

My son and his wife and almost-three-year-old son came to stay with us for a while before they had to head back to Illinois. It was nice getting to make big meals and visit, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. Our time wasn’t without its drama though. Our little grandson was playing at the park and all of a sudden began screaming with pain. He hadn’t fallen, so we didn’t know what was wrong.

After a few hours, some Ibuprophen, and a call to the insurance company, they made a trip to the ER. Luckily it was a simple fix. His elbow had been semi-dislocated. All they did was give it a little tug and he was all better—until the next day, of course, when he put his hand on our cactus.

Here's the little guy with his cousin. He loved our trampoline.

He’s all boy, that one, and our short time together was reminiscent of my children when they were younger. It surely brought back memories of past trips to the ER for stitches, broken bones etc. etc. etc.

This next week is spring break and I’ll be spending my time playing catch-up. I need to catch up on my writing—I’ve got three articles waiting to be written and submitted, and a novel that needs finished. On my paintings, I’ve got two finished, one almost finished, one started (by started I mean sketched onto the paper) and a couple that I keep dreaming about.

We’ve got another wedding this Saturday. This one is the son of my husband’s niece. After that, break’s over and it’s time for the routine to start again.

This is our new gallery--painted to catch your eye from the highway. We're still working on the landscaping. Its official open house will be later this month. I’ll be giving a few watercolor workshops there and helping to work at the gallery.

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