Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Golden Spiral, by Lisa Mangum

I bet you wondered if I would ever post again. It's been forever. Not that I haven't been thinking about my wonderful cyber-friends--I just haven't had the time to post all of the good things on my mind. I'm breaking my silence with a book review.

When Lisa told me that she had only one box of her pre-released, The Golden Spiral, I abandoned my lunch and ran to the other side of the hotel to the bookstore--and begged the bookstore attendees to re-open just long enough to allow me to purchase a copy. (Yes, I'm a name-dropper, and yes, Lisa Mangum came and sat at my table for lunch at the recent LDStorymaker's conference--and yes, Lisa is my new bff--in a totally non-stalker way, of course.)

The Golden Spiral is the second in a series of three books about Abby and her time-traveling love interest, Dante.

In this sequel to The Hourglass Door, the stakes are raised significantly for Abby as she fights to gain the lead in a race against time. So far it looks like she’s loosing as Zo, the leader of the ‘bad-guy trio’ goes through the door successfully and begins altering her life.

Abby’s one-time boyfriend—the guy next door—doesn’t remember that they aren’t together anymore. He also doesn’t remember that he’s helping her make another hourglass door. And her acceptance into the prestigious Emery College turns into a rejection.

She is struck with terror when she discovers that the river of time has been changed, and her dad and little sister are no longer a part of her life. They’ve been erased and no one except Abby remembers that they ever existed.

The thin veil between the present and the river of time is getting thinner, and Abby finds it easier to get to the bank of the river while dreaming. She discovers, through her dreams, that Dante is stuck somewhere in the darkness between time with the disintegrating V, and hopes Abby can save them before it’s too late and he also succumbs to the darkness.
Abby’s good friend, Valerie, is locked up safely in a mental institution, and no one except Abby understands the significance of her child-like drawings or her stories of the Pirate King who lives on the river.

This book keeps us reading and wondering when Abby and Dante will be reunited—when will they get the upper-hand on Zo—and will Valerie have her mental health restored. The Golden Spiral is entertaining and definitely a page turner. I recommend it for everyone who loves adventure and the paranormal all bound together by love and family loyalty with just a hint of romance. If you yearn for a book where the main characters have good values and integrity, then The Golden Spiral is for you.

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