Thursday, February 24, 2011


In a moment of delirium, I signed up for an agent-pitch at the ANWA writers' conference. It must have been delirium that made me think I could sit face-to-face with an agent and talk coherently about my work.

It's one thing to write enticing loglines for your novel, it's another thing all together to remember it when someone asks about your book. However, in anticipation of the conferoence and the agent pitch looming in my near future,I have written a logline for each of my novels.

You think I'm a gifted writer? You want to read more? Why, yes, I happen to have copies of all five of my novels here in my purse.--This is the way a writer dreams--it's the way I do, anyway.
Here are my loglines. I'd love a comment on what you think.

Farewell, My Denmark:
A Danish convert reluctantly joins the 1863 Mormon pilgrimage to America. She gets more adventure than she bargains for when thieves catch her searching for stolen heirlooms, and she fears she may not live long enough to open her heart to love.

My Sweet Danish Rose:
When her family immigrates to America, a Danish girl stays to care for her aging aunt, but is left on her own when the aunt is sent to the poor house. In order to escape the home of the tyrant who has taken her in, she must decide whether or not to forsake her religion for love.

The Almost Missionary:
A young man sets out on his mission hoping, but not believing that he can defy his family genetics and be a successful missionary. It isn’t until after his father’s heart attack, and he almost goes home early, that he learns what it means to be the Lord’s servant.

Fairy Dust:
A menopausal woman wakes to discover she has fairy wings and a fairy mission to perform. She must master the art of flying, solve the fairies dilemma, battle pixies, deal with a hateful neighbor, and turn her family into believers—all while keeping the house clean and having dinner ready on time each night.

East of Eden, a ghost story:
A young man has a strong attraction to a beautiful ghost who haunts him. It’s through recurring dreams that he’s his great-grandfather, a man who was involved in Arizona’s biggest unsolved gold heist, that he learns the identity of the spirit and gains the strength to battle the demons in his own life.


Canda said...

Which story are you going to pitch? I really like the way the first one sounds.

Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

Yay! That's the one I did pitch. Thanks for the encouragement.

Zany G {Joyce} said...

Man, I have such a modest sister! Not only did Tina pitch "Farewell My Denmark" to Kirk Shaw of Covenant Comm. but he asked her for the FULL manuscript. Bravo, way to go Tina! - Tell the world its something to be proud of!