Monday, July 4, 2011


written by James R. Schultz of Mesa AZ

Independence is a gift
But yet a price is paid;
Many crosses dot the earth
From war’s cruel charade.

The flag has offered millions hope,
It gives new life to some;
Many from across the sea
Have to our nation come.

Our heroes’ sacrifices
Are lessons that are taught;
The flag that waves so proudly
Our brave men’s blood has bought.

That flag that stands for freedom
Has paid a frightful cost;
War, that evil master,
Demands a holocaust.

Though battles raged around it,
The flag still bravely flies;
A tribute to the living
With hope that never dies.

Memories of those heroes
Begin to slowly fade;
But we must never lose the hope
That their sacrifices made.

The towns and cities one and all
Must always sense the pride,
Of being an American
And thank those who have died.

To those who lie in hallowed graves,
We bow our heads and pray;
We can enjoy our freedom
For the flag still waves today.

Those soldier boys are sleeping,
They’ve found Eternal rest;
No more battles to be fought,
They gave their very best.

The taps have sounded softly,
The mourners walk away;
The flag still is flying,
It’s Independence Day.

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Sylvia Ney said...

Wonderfully moving! New follower here. I look forward to visiting again.