Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello, cyber-world. It’s Tina Scott here with another author interview. Betsy Love is known for her novel, Identity, and is in the hot seat, um, I mean in our interviewee’s chair. [pets Betsy’s longish hair – it’s longer than mine.] Say hello to our audience, Betsy.

Betsy: Hi, everyone! [waves nervously]

Tina: [whispers] no one can see you, Betsy dear. Put your arm down before you embarrass yourself.

Betsy Love, LDS Author
 Betsy: [lowers arm]

Tina: That’s a good girl. Now, what’s your favorite bit of writing advice?

Betsy: First, I just want to thank you for interviewing me today. It’s such a—

Tina: [presses her hands to Betsy’s cheeks.] Focus. Favorite writing advice. Remember?

Betsy: Oh posh! I’ve been given so much advice.

Tina: Yes?

Betsy: Let me finish [frowns] … Like I was saying, my favorite is: write what you know. You'll find tidbits from my life (or my life as I choose to remember it) in my stories.

Tina: [scrunches eyebrows together] Write what you know? As opposed to writing, say, about Vietnamese chickens? [looks quizzically at Betsy] Or do you know about them? No, no. That’s a story for another day. Have you experienced writers block?

Betsy: DUH! [throws hands up] Who hasn't, unless you refuse to write? I experience it a lot!

Tina: What is your solution?

Betsy: One of my favorite things to do to un-stump me is to interview a character. Or to go for a plot walk where I'LL LITERALLY TALK OUT LOUD TO MY CHARACTER. [smiles slyly] People seeing me probably just think I have a Bluetooth. Nope, that's me chatting with my imaginary friends. I have a t-shirt with this on the front "Writer's block-when your imaginary friends quit talking to you.”

Tina: [whispers off stage—imaginary friends? Isn’t the writer’s therapy session two doors down the hall and to the left?] Okay, moving on. Do you snack when you write?

Betsy: I love dark chocolate or Cheetos. When I'm feeling healthy, I'll slice up some fruit or veggies.

Tina: Dark chocolate and Cheetos? With fruits and veggies? [chews fingernail] It might work. Tell me about your genre. What do you write?

Betsy: Currently YA general fiction. That's where I see myself heading.

Tina: [leans over table] Your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Betsy: [jumps up] YES! [sits back down, and looks around, red-faced] If I have to pick one it would be Cherry Chocolate Bordeaux

Tina: Bordeaux. Okay. [writes in a notebook] Favorite writer’s memory?

Betsy: In high school I had a creative writing teacher who loved everything I wrote. She always gave me such positive feedback.

Tina: [Nods] Sounds nice. Favorite way to get the word out about your book/s?

Betsy: The one I use the most is Facebook. But my favorite is to hand out bookmarks.

Tina: Do you have a new book coming out?

Betsy: Soulfire was released around the first part of April.

From my blog

In the City of Nephi, ruled by a drunken king, and lorded over by wicked high priests, who delight in lasciviousness, Zephenia must stand firm for all she knows is true. She vows she will not succumb to the temptations around her, or to the handsome high priest with his arrogant ways and lustful desires. After the martyrdom of Abinadi, the prophet, she will not abandon her belief in his teachings, nor deny her faith, even at the peril of her life.

Follow this remarkable young woman in her struggles to remain righteous as she confronts a multitude of trials--a proposition of marriage from a wealthy, but lustful landlord, terror at the hands of his evil henchmen, and the lewd advances of an enticing puppet master to King Noah. Join her as she rescues a Lamanite prince and his sister, which threatens the life of another believer, the one she might find happiness with.

Tina: Fess up, did you have this book written before your first one came out?

Betsy: You’re right. I finished Soulfire in 2003.

Tina: I thought so.

Betsy: When the publishing world wasn't taking any more Book of Mormon novels, I put it on the shelf and went on to write Identity, a mystery/suspense, which is different than anything I ever intended to write. [Leans over the table] You look strikingly like my socialite neighbor.

Tina: Why thank you. I guess.

Betsy: You aren’t planning a trip to Mexico anytime soon, are you?

Tina: No, no. I haven’t been to Mexico in years.

Betsy: Good. Stay off of airplanes for a while. [pulls a mirror out of her purse, and applies red lipstick to her lips] So, anyway, most of my works in progress are for young adults. I find it rather "odd" that my first book was something almost completely out of my field of experience. But it was a story that had to be told—even if I was the only one who ever finished it. But that's a story for another inquisition.

Tina: I guess the interview’s over then. [stands to shake hands]

Betsy: I guess so. Ta,ta. [stands, puts on her Jacquelyn Kennedy sunglasses, and walks out the door.]

Tina: [stares at the empty chair] That was different. To learn more about Sweet Betsy Love, go to her blog:


Renae W. Mackley said...

Nice inquisition, er interview. I want to read both of these and I like the way you tied them together.

Karen Adair said...

You two are hilarious! Someone needs to write a comedy next methinks. Hmmmmm? Too cute of an interview!

Angie said...

Great interview! Thanks, ladies.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Fun interview. Isn't Betsy awesome?

The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

Cool "inquisition"...:) And I gotta say, I love your header.

Taffy said...

Awesome interview! You need to do more :)

Betsy Love said...

Thanks, all, it was lots of fun! Tina is the creative genius behind the amazing interview!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Yikes! Dare I say great interview? I'm biting my turn is coming up soon!

Mary Dewald said...

Only a writer could have an inquisition end so well for both parties! Identity was awesome Betsy and I am looking forward to Soulfire!
Great job- both of you!

Tera Mecham said...

I enjoyed reading this interview.

Valerie Ipson said...

Hilarious! Loved it!

Cathy said...

What a fun interview. That was great.

Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

Ladies, thank you so much for joining us. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.

Leann said...

I loved it!! Two of my favorite gals that I met at this year's ANWA conference, and this demonstrates why :-)

Anna del C. Dye said...

Love it!!!

Anna del C. Dye
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Cindy R. Williams said...

Love the interview. Well done Tina and Betsy. I have a book review of IDENTITY up on as of today. Loved the book, purple pant suit and all.