Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but TOOT - TOOT!!

I have published a travel book on Smashwords. It’s called: Surviving Denmark on a bag of peach rings, and tips for enjoying travel to the oldest kingdom in the world.

Tina 1: One might ask, What moment of insanity would tempt me to do such a thing?

Tina 2: Well, I’ve always been a touch on the “other than normal” side, and this was a challenge for sure.

Tina 1: But a travel book? To Denmark? It seems like a niche market—and a small niche at that.

Tina 2: It’s true. I imagine there aren’t that many people dreaming of a trip to Denmark, but I’ve been to Denmark twice, and I had some fun and unique experiences there—and I’m a writer. So, what else do writers do other than write? There are 35 travel tips scattered throughout the book that can be of help to travelers anywhere in Europe, and I’m sure they can also help people going other places.

Tina 2: [whispers] Ask me about my experiences in writing a travel book

Tina 1: What was it like writing a travel book?

Tina 2: I’m so glad you asked. Part of it was like squeezing lemon juice from my brain. Trying to remember the things I wanted to write about was a challenge. Some days I can barely remember what happened yesterday, so you know it was tricky.

Tina 1: And the other part?

Tina 2: The other part was like going to Denmark again. I had the best time going through my pictures and deciding what to include. Remembering the stories was fun too. There were a few that I left out—one about a man in Copenhagen trying to get us to go to Christianshavn with him to smoke pot.

Tina 1: That sounds dangerous.

Tina 2: No. Not at all. We were headed to the boat tour and were near the plaza, there were people everywhere, and he was merely passing by. I think he saw my sister and me and realized we were the most unlikely of people to do such a thing. He didn’t even stop walking when he asked.

Tina 1: Were there more things you left out?

Tina 2: Okay, I’ll tell one more story. We were at Egeskov, and got to talking to a young man who was with a tour group. He thought we were Danish. We thought he was pretty funny to think that, but we took it as a compliment.

Tina 2:The book is a fun read, and it’s less than 100 pages—and that includes the index and pictures. [whispers: give my readers the link.]

Tina 1: Quit being so bossy! I was just getting ready to do that.  Before you leave though, I wanted to ask: What was your favorite Danish food? I understand they’ve got great eats in Denmark.

Tina 2: There were a number of things. I mention them in the book. But I really liked the Smorrebrod sandwiches. I’ve made them a couple of times here at home, but it’s not quite the same.

Tina 1: Why not?

Tina 2: The meats aren’t the same, and the Smorrebrod I liked best in Denmark had shrimp and a type of caviar sprinkled on top. Yum!

Tina 1: Caviar isn’t the same in Arizona. Plus it’s a lot more expensive.

Tina 2: Exactly. [raising eyebrows indicating it’s time to give the link]

Tina 1: Surviving Denmark is part story, part rating of sites, and part travel tips.

Tina 2: Stop on by and get your own copy, and enjoy a cyber-vacation to Denmark.

Tina 1: That’s a great idea.

Tina 2: I know. Give the link already.

Tina 2: Use this coupon to get a free copy before May 28th. Coupon: ZC64M


Joyce P Smith said...

Dang it... my post didn't post!!! Can I remember what I said? HA!

Joyce P Smith said...

Well, I wanted to tell you that I love your interview! Totally cool.
Also I went ahead and got your book even though I don't have an e-reader... But guess what? They gave me an option to download your book onto my computer. :O)
After reading your book I was once again envious that I didn't get to go with my sis's on this awesome trip!
And your dedication to daddy made me cry.
Good job Tina, I loved your book - fun stories!!!

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

When you said you were lonely I wasn't expecting an interview with yourself. LOL!

I would love to visit Denmark one day. I love your stories and free is so fun!!

Marsha Ward said...

Dang! I paid for my copy, because I didn't read all my emails, but no matter. Your book is delightful reading. I'm thinking of reviewing it, very soon. I just have to figure out a date.

Joyce DiPastena said...

I knew you were talented, Tina, but this interview goes above and beyond. I'm expecting to hear you sing a duet with yourself next. LOL!

Just finished your book and I loved it! I'll be posting a review on my JDP NEWS blog soon, so keep an eye out everyone. (http://jdp-news.blogspot.com)

Cindy R. Williams said...

Hi Joyce,

I blogged about it too. It is up now on


It looks great.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Your interview of yourself makes me smile, Tina. Good luck with the release of your new book.