Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It’s not very often that I review a children’s book on my blog. Don’t know why, because there are so many of them that I just love. I recently got hold of an e-copy of Not Just a Princess, by Mary Lee. It is now on my favorite's list.

What’s funny, to me anyway, is that I met her (Mary Lee) through Twitter. When I saw her book, I was immediately drawn to the illustrations. They are bright and professional, which is no surprise considering Mary Lee’s day job.

This fun tale reminds girls that they have more options than being a princess, because sometimes this ruff-and-tumble princess enjoys pirates and playing in the dirt, and doesn’t want to dress frilly. Mia (the main character) has a great imagination, and she loves to explore and pretend.

Although this is the first book that Ms. Lee has authored, she is a professional graphic designer, and has been designing books for years while working with authors, illustrators and editors, and has learned a lot from them.

The main character in Not Just a Princess, is inspired by her own daughter, Mia.
"While shopping for her I was overwhelmed with pink princess and fairy products," says Mary. "I felt that from an early age girls are typecast into roles. There is nothing wrong with those roles, but I wouldn't want my daughter to think that was all there was to her."

This is a great book for young children - and don't forget Christmas is coming up.
Mary currently lives in San Francisco, and loves the food in the Bay Area. She says, "I moved away for a while but still got frequent cravings for Jamba Juice, The Stinking Rose, and everything North Beach."
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