Tuesday, October 2, 2012


If you like to spend cold nights wrapped in a blanket and reading a good novel, A timeless Romance Anthology, Winter Collection, is just in time. There are six short historical romances set at Christmastime. Each is written by a well-established author. Each is written like a little gift to the heart.

Some of my favorite authors of all time are included in the selection. Joyce DiPastena’s first novel, Loyalty’s Web was so expertly written that I was hooked, and read it four times before finally being able to move on to a new selection, and I've read her subsequent novels nearly as many times. Donna Hatch’s novel, The Stranger She Married, had such a clever twist that I laughed out loud and immediately re-opened the book and started reading it again. Sarah Eden’s historical romances reflect her clever personality, and her characters are full of fun and wit. I don’t know the other authors well, but I’ve heard good things about them.
The stories are short, but they’re not short on plot or romantic adventure. I just finished reading Joyce’s story, Caroles on the Green, twice.

In Caroles on the Green, we are brought into Joyce DiPastena’s medieval world with Isabel and Sir Lucian. Isabel is a stubborn girl who refuses to turn into the mute and docile housewife that most men of that era expect. She has fire, spunk. She has known Sir Lucian most of her life, but it was only after he returned from the Crusades that they became attracted to one another, and were, at one time, betrothed.

As the story opens, we are in Isabel’s home, a castle run by her father under Isabel’s actual command. They are having a Christmas feast with several eligible bachelors vying for Isabel’s hand. But she also wants to find a suitable husband for her younger sister, Agnes.

During desserts, Isabel begins eating her apple tart and discovers a ring inside. Determined to show Sir Lucian that she has the upper hand and will marry whomever she pleases, Isabel immediately puts the ring on her finger. When bashful Sir Theo asks for the first dance, Isabel mistakenly believes that he is the giver of the ring. She could rule his life with no complaints.

When a mistake in etiquette causes Isabel and Sir Lucian to dance together for most of the evening, Isabel realizes she still loves him—but she had accidentally broken his nose, and then told him that she would not marry him. Could he forgive her? Would she ever be able to be the docile wife that she believes he desires?

These questions are not forgotten when Sir Eustace steps forward, claiming the ring as his, and announcing loud enough so that the hall of guests can hear, that they will become man and wife. Knowing it would enrage her father to return the ring, Isabel has no choice. And yet, she is a stubborn vixen, surely she will find a way.

I’ll not say any more. It is a short story after all, and I don’t want to give the whole thing away. Just know that this short story by Joyce DiPasena does not disappoint. If you enjoy her full-length novels, this one will also leave you smiling.

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Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you so much, Tina, for taking time to read and review "Carole's on the Green!" I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :-)

Heidi said...

I really loved Joyce's story too!

Heather B. Moore said...

Joyce's story was so fun and full of vibrant imagery.

Heather B. Moore said...

Joyce's story was so fun and full of vibrant imagery.

Regency romance author, Donna Hatch said...

Joyce's story is amazing and I absolutely adore all of her stories!! Thank you for spotlighting our anthology.