Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Pull out your blanket, warm a cup of chocolate, get your e-reader and open to The Timeless Romance Anthology. I've mentioned the Timeless Romance Anthology before, and critiqued Joyce DiPastena's story, Caroles On The Green. Since then, I've read Donna Hatch's story, A Winter's Knight, and Sarah Eden's, The Road To Cavan Town, and enjoyed them all. I had the day off today, and took a moment to read the story by Heidi Ashworth. I've never met her, nor have I read any of her books, but, I decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly rewarded.

It Happened Twelfth Night, by Heidi Ashworth, is a delightful romance. Once I started reading it, I had to put everything else on hold. Laundry can always wait for another day, and who needs clean dishes? Here's a little bit about her story:

Louisa grew up as friends with Percy even though her family worked for his. As they grew, their friendship turned to love. He made her promise to wait for him while he joined his family on business, which she happily did.

Unfortunately, in regency England, reputations were slippery, and since Louisa was the daughter of a gatekeeper, she had never been on solid footing among the wealthy. During Percy’s absence, her reputation had been damaged further by the scandalous act of a friend.

Even still, it came as a heartbreaking shock when, upon his return, Percy never thought to call on her, and she ended up spending Christmas alone. Louisa felt redeemed upon receiving an invitation to the annual Twelfth Night celebration, and hoped that things would return to normal.

I’ll not give away any more of the story than this, and to say: It would be a heartbreaking thing to realize that the man you put all your hopes and dreams into was nothing more than a cad, a womanizer. Add to that, the realization that you would still have to see him every day because your family has worked for his family since the beginning of time, and that you have no money or any way of making a living in any other way—it makes for a very compelling story.

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Donna McNeil Gonzales said...

It sounds like a real winner! Great tease.