Monday, February 10, 2014


The writers conference/ job interview is drawing near, and it’s time to update your makeup.

No, really.

Most of us started wearing makeup in Junior High, or Middle School – depending on where you’re from. And, depending on what our friends, or frenemies said, we found what worked and stayed with it.

There was a girl in one of my classes when I started wearing makeup that loved to ridicule my eye shadow. I had a makeup kit that came with some blush – probably a ghastly shade of pink – and a pale green and pale blue eye shadow. Ug.

I have a physical reaction whenever I see someone wearing those colors of eye shadow. [This is me shuddering.]

In High School, I tried fake eyelashes. I thought they looked great. But, I carpooled with a frenemy. She begged to differ. Now it’s one of the things I notice.

If you’re a model, or have a big face, a bushy set of long eyelashes might be just the thing. Otherwise it’s just an added expense. Everyone knows they’re fake, so what’s the point?

(Kind of like fake boobs. Don’t get me started on those. But, again, if everyone knows they’re fake, what’s the point?)

Back to the task at hand – updating our makeup.

Don’t go overboard. What looks good on the makeup models is not what will look good on you.

Trust me on this.

Before you change your makeup, Google it. I Googled “Makeup Tips for Women over 50” and watched several YouTube demonstrations and read up before changing my makeup style. Another good idea is to Google, "Actresses over 50," or 40, or however old you are. You may be surprised.

Why did I change? Because I noticed a new trend. And because I saw some women a bit older than me wearing dark eye shadow to church. Though it looked nice enough up close, from half way across the room it was a different story. Think Goth.

I don’t know when it happened, but I know I’m not the only one to realize that although I still feel 20 (ish), my eyelids sag a bit. Add dark eye shadow to that and your eyes all but disappear.

The point of the eye shadow is to bring attention to the eyes in a good way – to accent them and make them look prettier, to help brighten up your face.

Wear a light color under the eyebrow and along the upper lash line. Blend in a darker color in the crease. That’s it.

About eye liner. Be sure to wear it, but don't wear eyeliner 'wings' like some models wear in magazine ads. Eye liner will succeed in bringing out your eyes much better than that heavy eye shadow. It’s up to you whether to use liquid or a pencil. I like L’OREAL liquid pencil eye liner. It has an eraser at the other end that’s helpful if I make a mistake.

I used to wear brown/black because I have brown hair, but black helps lashes look thicker and to show up nicer. Use a thin line and get it as close to the lashes as possible. 

Don’t go clear to the inside point of your eyelid (where upper and lower meet). It makes the eye appear smaller. Start where your lashes start. With the lower lashes, start a thin line from the outer corner (where the lashes start) and continue barely to the middle, or continue to the other edge of the lashes. Blend it in so it looks natural.

In applying mascara, let the brush touch your eyelid in your lash-line. Just a bit. It helps give the appearance of thicker lashes. Make sure it doesn’t go below the lash line though.  People will notice.

When you finish a favorite tube of mascara, rinse off the brush. You can use it to smooth out clumps of mascara on your lashes so it looks more natural.

Although there are plenty of YouTube suggestions to use a white stick. Don’t. Unless you’re a model. Or appearing on TV. You don’t want anyone staring at your eyes trying to figure out why you have a streak of white on your eye. You want people to think you’re a natural beauty.

About blush:

You need way less blush than you think. Just a touch. That big streak of red on the faces of women on TV is not necessary or even desirable in real life.

The whole point of makeup is to not to look made up. Repeat that in the mirror.

One more thing, if your eye shadow won’t last the day, buy some primer. It works.

I can’t say it enough: Go for the natural beauty look, and not the look of a makeup queen. Your frenemies have probably all grown up and have too many other things to think about. After high school, you can’t count on their ridicule to clue you in any longer.

Practice a few times before the job interview or writers conference so you feel comfortable.



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