Monday, August 31, 2009

Hold to the Rod

The local seminary had a special event this evening. Hold to the Rod, from 4pm to 6pm. It was a repeat of an activity they had with their students during the school day. As we were waiting in line to enter, it was fun to watch some of the kids coming out. The little boys couldn’t help but come and tell their friends just exactly what they needed to do—although they were instructed otherwise.

One of the little girls in line, I think she was two or three, wore cowboy boots that came to her knees, a black ballerina tutu, and a white, flouncy straw hat with a big fuchsia-colored flower on it. Cute. When we got to the front of the line we were led, one by one, into the side door of the dark seminary building and instructed to hold on to the rod and under no circumstances to let go.

Of course it wouldn’t be virtual-life if things were easy with no trials. People were stationed all along the way trying to coax us away from the rod. “It’s broken up ahead. Take my hand and I’ll guide you to the next part.” Etc.

The completely black room simulated our earthly life, I think—how we cannot see what was before our current life, or after it. We have to walk along in the dark with only the memory of our beginning instructions ringing faintly in our ear, “hold to the rod.”

For someone slightly past her high school years, the varying levels of the floor, coupled with the varying height of the rod was troublesome enough. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by tripping—that would probably count as my letting go of the rod and they’d whisk me away into outer darkness. GAME OVER! I didn’t want that.

None too soon, and luckily enough—we all made it to a room with the Tree of Life. It was a place of rest, a place of waiting for our loved ones, and a place of sweet treats, although unfortunately all the treats were handed out long before we got there. We had to leave without a goodie—and although we certainly didn’t need a treat, we piled into the car and drove to the local Dairy Queen.
Nope, I’d never make a pioneer. Not unless I could take a freezer full of ice cream with me. Yum!

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Naomi Buck said...

That is fun... we did something similar one year for girls camp - dad was there he may remember. Anyway it was a great lesson for kids :) Love you!