Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aebleskivers for breakfast

I don’t remember when I first had aebleskiver. I remember my mom making them, but I also remember my husband’s aunt making them for us after we first got married. I was a little suspicious of the little round pancakes at first, sure that they’d be doughy inside. They weren’t.

My mother acquired a pan and made them semi-regularly. My father was three-quarters Danish, so it’s not surprising. Yet, because the pan’s temperature has to be just right, you have to know right when to turn them and work fast—they can be tricky to make.

They’re fun to eat and fun to make—unless of course you’re making them for a crowd. Nevertheless, occasionally when my adult children gather around I’m tempted to make Aebleskivers for them. It’s a nostalgic occasion because we can both remember mom making them when we were young.

Aebleskiver’s begin with the batter (and of course a special Aebleskiver pan). There are a variety of recipes, you can use Bisquick like my mom did, or you can use your favorite pancake recipe, like I do.

Warm the pan on a burner and melt in each cup a small amount of butter (or margarine). When the pan is hot, fill each cup ¾ full with batter.
I add a small dab of apple butter to the center.

Wait until the batter is pulling away from the sides a bit, the batter has risen, and then turn them over as quickly as possible so that none of them burn. I use a knitting needle to turn them. The needle pokes into the bottom of the Aebleskiver and sticks long enough to turn it over.

After that turn them into a plate and start the process over again.
They go so fast!

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Anna Arnett said...

Oh, how yummy it looks. I've never heard of them before, and my grandmother was Danish. Should I feel deprived?