Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime in the Sonoran Desert

It's been a while since I published--sorry about that. My router that helps me use the internet in my house got old and moldy--it quit working. When I called cableone, they informed me of that--when I called Linksys--they confirmed it.
We finally have a new one installed and here I am.
Now for the good stuff. I [we] recently celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary. We went to Mesa and stayed overnight and had a good time. I took some pictures of my favorite desert in the whole-wide-world and wanted to share.

Nice and green--we've had lots of rain this season.

I remember going to the desert with my family as a kid and listening to my grandma talk about how beautiful it was. I never quite understood it until I moved away (from the Sonoran desert). When I come back and see how beautiful and green it is--now I understand what my grandmother saw. The Sonoran desert is green and full of life.
And aren't the mountains lovely?!

It was getting dark before we arrived, but I think the Arizona sunsets are beautiful. Can't get away from the signs of civilization, but other than that, it's picture perfect.

This is a side view of Red Mountain from across the Salt River. For some, this might seem like more of a creek, but it's not a bad-sized river for AZ.

I couldn't help but be interested in this small camping trailer that looks like it's equipped with solar power. That's serious camping!
One last picture to share--and I didn't even include any of the lovely spring flowers. But, I couldn't leave this one out.

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JAMAL said...

Wow, Tina. Are there any artistic talents you *don't* have? Your photography is stunning. The trailer pic alone is amazing. Of course I love the landscapes. Wow. Beautiful post.