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Welcome to the Author Inquisition. This is when I get to interview authors and kinda pick their author-brains for all the good stuff. Today I have Cindy Williams in the hot seat. Hello Cindy.
Cindy: Hi, Tina
I hope you find the chair comfortable, Cindy. What’s your favorite bit of writing advice?
Cindy: Believe in yourself and follow your heart not someone else’s suggestions.
That sounds like really good advice.
Cindy: Yeah. Nobody knows your story like you do.
Yeah, don’t rub it in. Tell me, what’s your favorite activity when you’re not writing?
Cindy: Playing with my family. Playing my harp and reading.
I had a hard time carrying my viola to school—I can’t imagine carrying a harp. Those things are heavy!
So, do you do these when you experience (whispers: writer’s block), or do you do something else?
Cindy: I love doing those things, but when I’m experiencing writer’s block, I write a letter from the character to myself.
Oh. (looks from left to right) You believe your characters are real, then. Like Santa Clause. Well, I hear the price of stamps is going up. Just saying.                                                                     
Now to the good stuff. Do you snack when you write?
Cindy: No. I’m a purist. I do drink water, but food is too distracting.
I agree. Water caused my computer to short out, and I don’t eat when I write—well, Skittles aren’t food, are they? Or chocolate kisses?—other than that, I just can’t hold food and type. (It goes more like this: eat, type, eat, type, eat …)

I know you’ve published a children’s picture book. Tell me about it—did you go with a traditional publisher, or did you go Indie?
Cindy: Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today, is my first book published. My publishing history is a yes to both traditional and indie. The first two printings came out under a small partner publishing that went out of business last year. I created my own LLC called Planet Play Productions and now I own all the rights including the ISBN#.
Wow, that’s ambitious! Are you working on other children’s books, or do you also write in other genres?
Cindy: I break the rules and write in a number of different genres. Children’s Picture books, two more complete, one being illustrated and the other in the query market. Non-fiction: I’m on staff for The Beehive, and have a short story out about my father and Alzheimer’s. I also am looking for a home for a book of essays on mothering. Middle Grade, with a fantasy series sent to both the East and West Coast, fingers crossed. Two YA books in progress write now. Last but not least, I do PR campaigns and write Press Releases, and just received a new calling as a Public Affairs Director of Media in our Stake.
Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cindy: Black Raspberry ripple.
How do raspberries ripple? And, I thought raspberries were red?
What’s your favorite writer’s memory?
Cindy: When a mother told me that my children’s book was the first book her autistic son ever read alone.
Favorite way to get the word out about your book/s?
Cindy: School visits and book signings.
Where do they put the book signs? Near the school? Haha. Not really. That was just a little writer-joke.
Do you have a book coming out?
Cindy: I have a short story that has been accepted for an anthology on surviving hard things, a middle grade fantasy complete and looking for a home, two children’s picture books in various productions stages and a book on mothering looking for a home.
If so, what is the name, release date, and please share a short blurb. Release dates will be in 2012 and 2013. Here is a blurb from my middle grade fantasy.
Thundertail’s Tale: The Legend is a story about the human and magic worlds colliding in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona when ten-year-old Chase attempts to rescue a dog from death by barbecue at the hands of the creepy school janitor. Instead, Chase frees Sparkin, the only un-shiny dragon and a guardian of the 13 Powerstones that protect the planet. Chase is forced to face his fear of heights and Sparkin, his lack of confidence, in an explosive adventure to escape the evil janitor who is out to rule the world as a member of the sinister Gatekeepers of Shadows. Chase and Sparkin discover a shocking link to the ancient legend of Thundertail, the Greatest Dragon since time out mind, as they battle for their lives and the future of both worlds.
Sounds really good. I hope Chase finds a home soon. (Makes it easier to write him letters.)
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Cindy R. Williams said...

Thanks Tina. The interview was fun. I love your sense of humor!

Jennifer Griffith said...

This is so clever. Cindy, you're such a multi-talented person--on fiyah! Great post!

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Very nice! So talented!!!

Valerie Ipson said...

So funny, Tina. Cindy, you are awesome.

Rene Allen said...

Really fun and informative, Tina and Cindy. A bunch of stars for this one.

Susan Law Corpany said...


Love your stuff! Love you! When are you coming to Hawaii?