Friday, March 30, 2012


I just read that sitting is bad for your health. Amazing! Who knew?
Problem is that writers tend to sit while working at the computer. AND, this sitting, whether sitting to be creative, or sitting to watch television (or sitting to sleep) can increase obesity, diabetes, cancer—and cause early death.


Talk about a major threat to the whole writing profession!

What can we do? Well, according to an article by Elizabeth Pope, the answer is right there in the closet—not as in “coming out of the closet,” but more like—taking the vacuum, or broom out of the closet, and getting to work. Take a five (5) minute break each hour. Stand up. Look at housework as your [free] opportunity to prevent disease—your disease—and start vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, washing windows. It’s a lot cheaper than a visit to the doctor.

There is no longer a need to plead, “writer’s block” in order to get a break. Now we can plead, “writer’s break” and take a run around the block.

Get to it. Your doctor will thank you. So will your loving family.


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Tamara said...

Great ideas. I finally looked up stretches to do after sitting so long!