Friday, March 23, 2012


Unbroken Connection, by Angela Morrison, is book two in a three-book series. I reviewed book one, Taken By Storm, last year.

Book two: Unbroken Connection. Michael has moved half way across the world, is studying to take his Captian's liscence, gives scuba diving lessons to tourists, and emails Leesie almost every day. In other words, he moved away, but he didn't move on. Michael rekindled his relationship with Leesie after meeting her briefly before the book starts.
Leesie is at BYU living her dream, except that she can't hardly look at another guy. She loves Michael. But, her rule is still the same, she won't get married until she can marry in the Mormon temple. She is delighted when Michael ends up with a couple of month's free time because of a scuba diving mishap, and Leesie finally strikes a deal with him: she will take scuba diving lessons—something that terrifies her—Michael will have the missionaries over and listen to them.
This trilogy is written through a series of email chats, poems, and dive logs, and it seems like an unlikely format for a gripping novel, and yet it works. Michael and Leesie, and their star-crossed romace got under my skin in a similar manner as Bella and Edward. In otherwords, Morrison develops the characters well.
The missionaries were jerks, so Leesie sympathises when Michael doesn't fulfill his part of the bargain. But, when he returns to work, pictures of Michael with a sexy native girl surface on the Internet. One picture shows him kissing her, and Leesie's insecurities confront her head-on. She doesn't believe that Michael could love her when he has a native beauty in his arms.
Although Michael denies any wrongdoing, she cuts all ties with him and tries to move on. When her missionary, Jaron, comes home, he forces his way into her life, says he loves her, and says they’re engaged, her family hopes she finally has.

It's when Leesie and her brother, Phil, are on their way home from BYU that tragedy hits her life. She feels evil, and fallen. Gone is her dream of making it to heaven, and she can't bear to look at her mom or dad.
Before she wakes from her injuries, Michael is there, holding her hand, convincing her that he's real and that he loves her and always has. Jaron rushes to the hospital to comfort her, but it isn’t Jaron that she needs. Michael is her only salvation, and at her insistance, he whisks her away from her family, her friends, and anyone who might learn the truth.
This book was engaging from start to finish with little plot twists to keep me guessing what would happen next. Now I can’t wait to read book three, Cayman Summer.
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Jennifer Griffith said...

I loved the first book in this series. Angela Morrison is a talented writer! She really pulls you in--and her characters just jump off the page. I feel like I know them. I bought this book last month and I'm really looking fwd to reading the continuing story. Good review, Tina.

Cindy R. Williams said...

Good work Angela. Thanks Tina for the great review.

Shaunna said...

Intriging. I'm totally sold on the emails and dive logs. I'll have to pick this one up.