Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My novel is finished! I’ve made the decision to go Indie. That means I’m going to be author, publisher, marketer etc.

HYPERVENTILATE!!! Take a deep breath. It will be okay. Breathe again.

Okay, so... I’ve written this really great novel...

You’d think this was “The End” of the story. But it’s only the start.

Do I hire a professional editor?

Do I hire someone to format my book?

Do I hire a cover artist?

Which publishing company/companies should I use?

Should I buy my own ISBN?


I can do this thing! Why am I stressing so? I’ve already Indie published FOUR books. Why is this one different?

1. Three of my books are children’s books. I was the editor, formatter, and cover artist of sorts.

2. The fourth book is a short, non-fiction travel book that’s filled with photos.

3. This is my first full-length novel. I want it to really shine!

4. Of course I want all of my books to shine. I worked hard to make sure they did.

I can do this! I already have experience.

I’m breathing calmly now.

But what if I hire an editor and he/she thinks my novel is horrible? Stinky like limburger cheese.


I’ll keep you posted on my newest Indie Adventure.

What will I do next?

And, how long will it take?

I’m hoping to have it published by March. Do you think I’m insane? Really, do you?
Am I insane? I might be.
Who knows.
Well, I’ll know by March.


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