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Today, author Marie Higgins is here to tell us a little bit about herself, and writing. Hello Marie!

Marie: Hi there.

There’s a new Indie revolution these days, and I wonder, are you an Indie author, or are you traditionally published?

Marie: Both. Four of my books are with Walnut Springs, and the others I have self-published.

Sheesh! Another over achiever. Just how many books do you have published?

Marie: I currently have 16 published. All of them are available for e-readers, but only eight are in print. I still plan on releasing a few more books before the end of the year – AND have a few more in print.


A definite overachiever! How long have you been writing—since you were two?

Marie: I think it’s been nineteen years. Scary, huh? Four of those years I just wrote for fun, but then because I had so many ideas floating around in my head, I decided to try and make a career out of it. I’m very happy that I followed my heart!

Is your life full of romance like your books seem to be?

Marie: Hahahahahaha… hahahahahaha  Oh, that was a funny question! Thanks for making me laugh so hard. The answer to that question is NOOOO! Not that I’m not happy with my husband – we’ve been married 27 years – but romance just isn’t part of our marriage now. lol


Hm. I don’t know how to respond to that. Do you snack when you write? If so, what?

You’d think I do by looking at me… But no, I don’t. Once in a while I’ll eat popcorn while I’m at my desk, but usually I’m not writing during that time – just reading through my emails or I’m on Facebook.


I’m an ice cream lover so I just have to ask ... what’s your favorite flavor?

Marie: Rocky Road… (I always think of the movie The Goonies and Sloth when he says “Rocky Road”). I love chocolate, and I love nuts!

Mmmm! I love that flavor too.


Tell us your deepest darkest writing secret.

Marie: I wish I could create that one story—the story above other stories—that movie directors would flip over, and readers couldn’t get enough of. But then…don’t most authors dream of that?


What is your writing process after your initial story idea?

Marie: After I’ve written down my ideas and got a basis for my story, I just start writing. I’m character-driven, which means my characters write it for me. Some people think I’m plot-driven because some of my plots have so much depth to them, but no…that’s still my characters’ writing it. But anyway…I write the first few chapters then stop and usually research a couple of things. I’m a historical romance writer, so occasionally I’ll run across something I don’t know. After I’m done researching, I’ll go back to writing. At night, when I’m in bed, I think over what could happen in the next chapter. Usually it does, but sometimes my characters change their mind and it turns out different than what I’d imagined.

It must get pretty crowded at your place with all those characters running amuck! I understand you have a book recently published—tell us about it.
Marie: I thought you’d never ask! It’s called, Touching Heaven, and it’s book 2 in The Grayson Brothers’ series. Here’s a little more:

Peter Grayson is traveling the wayward path against his family's wishes, gambling to earn his living after his brother was shot and killed.  Needing to experience life to the fullest now, Peter travels to Texas to reclaim his granddaddy’s sugar-cane plantation.  Finally, he saves enough from his gambling winnings to buy back the family home, but he’s robbed and left for dead. He’s nursed back to health by a kind—and mysterious doctor.  Seeking revenge for the injustice dealt him, Peter tracks down the young thief and his lovely sister, Cecilia Ashby.  Not only is Cecilia living on Peter’s plantation, but she’s keeping secrets of her own.

Available on Kindle and Nook – or for any ereader.

You tube videos:

Now that we’re done with the interview, here’s a little something extra that I learned about Marie:

Since Marie Higgins was a little girl playing Barbies with her sister, Stacey, she has loved the adventure of making up romantic stories. Marie was only eighteen years old when she wrote her first skit, which won an award for Funniest Skit. A little later in life, after she’d married and had children, Marie wrote Church roadshows that were judged as Funniest and Best Written. From there, she branched out to write full-length novels based on her dreams. (Yes, she says, her dreams really are that silly)

 Marie has been married for twenty-seven years to a wonderful man. Together, they have three loving daughters and several beautiful grandchildren. Marie works full time for the state of Utah, where she has lived her entire life. Marie plans to keep writing, because the characters in her head won’t shut up. But her husband smiles and pretends this is normal.

Visit her website / blog to discover more about her http://mariehiggins84302.blogspot.com

You can also find her on Twitter - @MarieHigginsxox, and on Facebook



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