Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review. Not because I haven’t read a book, but because I haven’t read one that I felt prompted to write about. Until now.

Hearts Through Time by Marie Higgins is worth writing about. Knowing that I had an interview with her coming up, I bought it for myself as a sort of Christmas present. It was money well spent.

People ask why I’m still buying hard copies of books. The answer is simple. I have a tablet and it’s too big to carry around with me at work, I don’t have a locker, and I don’t have another safe place to keep it at work. So, I still frequent the bookstore.

Back to the book review:

Nick Marshal is a scandal-rocked lawyer who left Hollywood licking his wounds and realizing that his womanizing past had to stay in his past if he wanted to rebuild his career.

Abigail Carlisle is the daughter of a wealthy newspaper tycoon, who died in1912.

When she shows up in Nick’s office asking him to solve her murder, he thinks it’s a practical joke played by his buddies. At first. When she plays a couple of ghostly tricks on a would-be girlfriend, and a client, he starts believing.

The murder is old and most of the people involved in her life then, are dead. As the two of them delve into her murder, they become attracted to one another. As their attraction grows, she becomes more lifelike and less ghostly.

When Abigail’s locket, a gift from her grandmother, is discovered and returned to her possession, Abigail and Nick are whisked back to 1912, but she doesn’t remember him. Nick only has two weeks to discover who wants her dead, prevent her murder, and convince her of his love.

This was a really fun read. It was clean and engaging. There weren’t any parts of the story where I felt the author skimmed over a needed explanation, and the story came to a full and completely satisfying end.

You might ask if this isn’t the case with all books. I would have to assure you that unfortunately it is not. So, if you’re interested in some good romantic fun with a cozy mystery thrown in, I heartily recommend Hearts Through Time by Marie Higgins.
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Marie Higgins said...

WOW! Thanks so much for a wonderful review, Tina!! I'm so happy you enjoyed that story. It was so fun to write! :)