Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There are so many good looking book covers out there. I never realized what a huge undertaking it is to get just the right image for your book. Sheesh!

My novel, Farewell, My Denmark, is about Mormon immigrants in 1863. The main character, Catherine Erichsen, loves the gospel and planned to immigrate with her family, until her longtime beau proposed.
The book opens just as she’s about to discover the answer to her silent question: Does Isaac love her, and respect her enough to read her Book of Mormon? If you guessed by the title, Catherine ends up immigrating with her family and 700 other Scandinavian Saints.

So, what should the cover look like? Since a good portion of the book is aboard the John J. Boyd, the ship that carried the actual immigrants, there should definitely be a ship.

But, most of the novels nowadays also have a person on the front, and that’s where my problem comes in. Most models don’t wear peasant/immigrant clothes of the 1860 variety, or any variety. And, since the story is about a Danish immigrant, it seems silly to put a wealthy English woman on the cover.

And so my story goes ...

Hello world! Are there any stock photos of Danish immigrants out there???

Still looking.

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