Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 I attended the Scandinavian Festival of the Southeast Valley today. I’d gone, not knowing what to expect. Would it be some huge event, or some small thing with only ten or twenty participants?

Farewell, My Denmark
dancing to the music
It was at one of the local high schools and when we pulled down the street, there was a man in a red vest directing traffic. I use the term traffic liberally here. The one car in front of us turned around and left. My heart sunk a little. The parking lot was empty other than the man’s car. He directed us toward the other side of the school, toward a shade tent and a few parked cars. It didn’t look like much, but I was hopeful.

Farewell, My Denmark
Selling lots of pretty things.
When we got to the other parking lot, it was half full. YAY! Someone had shown up besides me. The event was held in the cafeteria. I heard the music playing fun Scandinavian music as I entered. It was a fair of sorts, which is what I expected.
Farewell, My Denmark
Freshly made sandwiches didn't trump the meatballs
Booths with Danish Marzipan, homemade jewelry, headbands for girls, books about Vikings, and being Swedish, were mingled with homemade goodies such as cookies, muffin tops (who knew?), and best of all—TROLLS!!!
Farewell, My Denmark
Lots of good stuff for sale.

I’ve loved trolls since their rise in popularity in the 1960’s. These weren’t the soft-bodied kind that I played with as a kid, or began collecting as an adult, but they were VERY cool, nonetheless. I bought one. They were so quirkish and cute, that I could have purchased enough to decorate my house with. But I didn’t. I used the self control that I’m famous for. Hahahahaha!

... and used the savings to buy several plates-full of goodies; and two plates of meatballs served with fresh pickle slices, and rye bread.
Farewell, My Denmark
Danish Flag. Each flag was tipped as they played that country's National Anthem.
My only regret was that apparently there are no members of the club who are Danish, because they didn’t have anyone to sing the Danish National Anthem during the flag ceremony. Oh, I’m their newest member, and I’m Danish – or of Danish descent – but unfortunately I don’t speak the language.
Farewell, My Denmark
Everyone joined in singing The Star Spangled Banner.
The festival wasn’t as big as Denmark, but it was a good time. And, I enjoyed supporting their cause: Sharing our Scandinavian heritage.
Farewell, My Denmark
A troll with a book. Could it get any better?


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