Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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In the business world and at other times as well, women just want to have their nails looking like they’re expertly done. As a former cosmetologist, I’ve always been particular about my nails, but as a mother and stay-at-home-mom, I could not get the polish to stay more than a day or two. Not even at a 5-day writer’s workshop. So I just filed them short and kept them that way for years.

More recently, I’ve researched the subject with my friend, Google, and compiled a list of tips that have worked quite well for me. I’ve had my nails stay polished for ten days without cracking, and only removed the polish because I wanted them fresh for another event.

One thing that I do now that I didn’t use to, is apply cuticle oil to my nails and cuticles nightly. It doesn’t have to be the newest, most expensive cuticle oil to work. Mine is close to twenty years old and it still works fine.

The oil keeps the nail healthy and moisturized. Before using the oil, my nails were starting to get ridges and dry creases down the nail. UGLY!

Easter and Mother’s Day are nearly here. If you can’t afford the $30 for a professional manicure, use these tips to do your own, like a professional. [Actually, I’ve had professional manicures, and was disappointed. They don’t pay as close attention to detail as I do on my own.]


1. File and shape your nails the way you like them. Remove unsightly cuticle.

2. Use a nail buffer to buff and polish your nails until they’re smooth.

3. Clean your nails with soap and water, using a nail scrubber, or old toothbrush.

4. Dehydrate your nails by rubbing nail polish remover over them.

5. Apply a “sticky” base coat. [The name of this varies by brand; Sticky, Bonder etc.] It helps the     polish adhere to the nail.

6. Apply a clear base coat. [With each layer of polish, brush it across nail tip and slightly under the nail.]

7. Apply one or two coats of polish in three even strokes across nail. [Wait two minutes between each layer.]

8. Apply a layer of top coat.

9. Wait five minutes, and then hold nails under cold water for 30 – 60 seconds. This helps set the polish.

10. Avoid heat for 12 hours after your manicure. Contrary to popular belief, blowing your warm breath over a fresh manicure does not help your nails dry.

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