Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The first thing a person should do on their mission, is get to know the area, and then get to loving the people. It hasn’t been hard loving the people of St Louis. They’re all so nice. Most of the members
treat us as though we’re angels sent from heaven, and thank us over and over again for our service.

It makes me a bit nervous since I don’t think we’ve done anything overly special. After all, we’ve just barely been here four weeks now. We’re just getting to know our responsibilities, and don’t have them down pat yet.

Here we are at Ted Drews. Could anything be finer?

We’ve been going to two wards each week and introducing ourselves. Our years of moving from one place to another have prepared me for this activity. I’m used to going into a ward and not knowing anyone. As I look back on my life I can see the Lord’s hand in preparing us for our mission in a lot of different ways.

In turn, we’ve had angels come to us. The first two are Rock and Joy Erekson. I’ve never met a lovelier couple. They’re gracious and kind, and generous.
Randy (right) w/ the Ereksons
You gotta love people whose favorite activity is going out for frozen custard! It's so yummy, everyone just stands outside and eats it. The city put up a railing between the sidewalk and the street so that when there's a crowd, they don't go into the street and get hurt.
Saint Louis, the King and Crusader

After the ice cream, they took us to see the sights until it was our bedtime. This is actually across the street from the art museum.

The St Louis Art Museum.

This building was build for the 1905 World's Fair. It's pretty amazing. Why don't they build pretty buildings anymore?


Julie Martin Wallace said...

Sounds wonderful Tina glad you are enjoying yourself.

Tina Scott, author, artist said...

We're having a wonderful time.

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