Monday, January 13, 2014

MISSION TOUR - Historic St. Louis Library

The one great thing – or rather, one great thing about St. Louis is the history. Many of the buildings date back to the 1800’s. A couple of buildings date back farther than that. I love the beautiful old buildings. Because of a substantial gift from Andrew Carnegie, the main library was built in the early 1900's. The architect copied designs from places like the Parthenon, and is beautiful.

Luckily for us, it recently re-opened after a two year renovation and remodeling. Below are some pictures.

Nothing says Christmastime like a tree made of books.

The area used to be glass floors with book stacks. Now, it's very open and modern looking.
If you go on a senior mission and are told the activity is casual and jeans are okay, don't be surprised like I was that no one else got the memo - either that or they chose to ignore the memo.
There are several glass display cases to show off priceless or delicate items.
The two ceilings here look like they're made of wood, but they're sculptured plaster that's been hand painted.
This one has goat skulls at each point. Apparently the goat is revered because anciently they used goat hide to write on. This is also sculpted plaster.
This door goes into a private, appointment-only room full of priceless books on architecture.
"Speak low, tread softly through these halls, here genius lives enshrined, here reign in silent majesty, the monarchs of the mind."
No library I've ever seen has stained glass windows. This library has two at the top of opposite stairways, and one on a ceiling.

This table is also original and made of solid wood.
I hope you enjoy the photos. I feel it an honor and a privilege to get to tour a beautiful building like this one. 

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