Monday, January 6, 2014


This shows the power of one person in doing good. The video doesn't tell the first of the story. He went into Berlin to take pictures, and saw the children. He decided to give them the two sticks of gum in his pocket so he broke each piece into pieces and passed it through the barbed wire fence. The children hadn't had gum or candy for years, and those who didn't get a piece of the gum, were handed a piece of the wrapper. They took it and smelled it and were so grateful for the wrapper that it touched Colonel Halverson. He told them he would be back and he'd bring them more candy and gum and drop it from the plane. So they would know it was his plane, he wiggled the wings. The effort grew from there with candy factories in the USA shipping candy for the children. He could have been court-martialed and put in jail, instead he ended up being an ambassador for goodwill. Let's all make an effort to spread good will this coming year. One person does make a difference.

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