Friday, September 10, 2010

Memories of My Dog Roxy

In Memory of Roxy Scott  1996—2010
Roxy at home.

Roxy came to our home as a two-year-old adult. She was an outside dog, but due to her sweet nature and my husband’s spoiling she soon became an indoor dog.

an upside down Roxy
I think her original owners named her Roxy because she loved to eat rocks. This is no lie. If we caught her doing it, she would spit them out when we told her to.

When she was younger, she would get on our trampoline either to rest or to run around it and chase flies.

Roxy sleeping with her favorite toy.
When someone rang our doorbell, Roxy would knock us over in her attempt to get to the door first—not because she wanted to protect us, but because she wanted to see who was there and have them pet her.
Roxy felt like one of us.
Roxy was a good-natured dog and allowed all kinds of silliness at her expense—we buried her up to her head in the sand once and she waited patiently until we were done—my husband played hide-and-seek with her and she loved it—she loved chasing the laser light.

She wasn’t forgiving with small dogs—but after we babysat my daughter’s dog for ten days, Roxy went around the house looking for her.

Roxy loved chasing cats, and if she didn’t want to eat something, all we had to do is say, “Here kitty, kitty” and she would eat it up.
Roxy is a man's best friend.

“When my husband would say, “What’s that?” Roxy would jump up from a sound sleep and race to the door to protect us from some unseen evil.

She did have her faults, but she had a big heart and tonight our house feels awfully empty.

Roxy's helping dig the hole.
Half way buried and still patient.

Up to her neck in sand.

Roxy loved to lounge on her back.

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Zany G {Joyce} said...

When you told me of Roxy's passing I wanted to cry! I loved coming to your house and having her greet me and treat me like a long lost friend! She was such a fun family member and one that will never be replaced! Another dog won't be a replacement but just different.

Thanks for sharing with us the life of a fun family member.