Monday, September 27, 2010

Tristi Pinkston, Author. Making Friends Monday

Tristi Pinkston is one of my dearest cyber-friends (meaning that I’ve only just briefly met her in person and that she probably only knows me by the picture on my blog and on Facebook). I know her as an amazingly kind person, and also as the author of Agent in Old Lace (I’ve reviewed it on a past blog).

She has a new book out, Secret Sisters, that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet. I’m trying to save my pennies so that I can attend the LDStorymakers Conference in May and then purchase a signed copy.

Tristi Pinkston and pre-published author, Tina Scott

Making Friends Monday is Tristi’s idea, and on October 4th, she will post a blog about me. Like I said, she is amazingly kind, and even though she has five published novels, she is genuine and approachable and at the last conference we had our picture taken together. (I’m not a stalker, I promise.)

Tristi Pinkston has been blogging since 2006. On her main blog, ( she covers everything from writing tips and the life of a published author to kid funnies, spiritual thoughts, and embarrassing moments. She also has a weight loss blog, one for writing challenges, another for her fictional characters … and she lost count of how many others she has. You can find the links for them on her sidebar.

Tristi is the author of five published novels and a whole kit ‘n caboodle of unpublished novels. Right now she’s focusing on cozy mysteries, although she has written historical fiction in the past and plans to write more in that genre. She works as a freelance editor and a virtual book tour coordinator. She loves taking long naps, being charmingly annoying, and watching good movies. She’s a Mormon, a homeschooler, a Cubmaster, and most of the time, a headless chicken.

Thanks for playing along, and hopefully, this will bring us all much fun, merriment, and new friends!! Tristi

Tristi and I have enough in common to be friends in real life (still not a stalker)—we’re both Mormon, I served in the Cub Scouting program for approximately 13 years, I love a good movie, and a good book—and my children say that I’m charmingly annoying (minus the charm).
Check out Tristi’s blog if you can, she’s a great gal.


Valerie Ipson said...

Tristi's a great one to make friends with!

Debbie Davis said...

I saw you and read all about you on Tristi's blog, and wanted to come and see you here. I love your blog! It is so neat, I also read what you said about Shannon Hale pretty neat to know that infor for our future publishing hopes and dreams. I cannot believe you are a grandma, It isn't true!! =0) I am glad I got to hop over! Do you go to storymakers? just wondering. =0)

Debbie Davis said...

oh hey!! I have book shelf safari too, we should find each other on it and be friends =0)

Lori said...

Hi Tina. I read about you on Tristi's blog as well. Your blog is wonderful, and your artwork is stunning. I look forward to getting to know you better.