Friday, February 17, 2012


Did anyone's New Year's resolution this year include being more financially fit? If so, I've got the book for you. Or rather, John Hauserman, CFP has the book for you.
I’ve never read a book on finances before. I’ve never even been tempted. With that said, when Tristi Pinkston asked if I’d like to read, Retirement Quest, Make Better Decisions, by John Hauserman, CFP, I gladly accepted. It’s small—only 124 pages, it’s well-written, and easy to read. (Which is saying a lot for a financial dunce like me.)
Will reading it turn me into a financial wizard? Probably not. But I don’t believe that any one book could. (Or any one lifetime, actually.) I don’t believe John Hauserman’s goal was to turn everyone into financial experts. This book, however, can point the reader in the right direction when they’re interested in setting goals toward building their nest egg or improving their financial portfolio.
In Retirement Quest, Make Better Decisions, Mr. Hauserman explains how investors easily get caught in media hype and buy or sell at the wrong times, and then he explains how to recognize the hype and encourages readers to ignore it.
He also explains, with clarity, the difference between stocks and bonds, and why we might want to diversify our financial portfolio.
It is a great little book that's full of financial help. Inside, there are plenty of graphs and charts that help explain certain financial concepts, such as, if we had $1,000 to invest (I wish), what our investment might look like year to year if we put it all in stocks, or bonds, or both, and the percentage of return we could get on our investments.
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